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Six Sigma

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Six Sigma
Six sigma is the structured applications tools and techniques applied on project basis to achieve the maximum results. We provide the six sigma training certification which ensures to define & measure, analyze, improve and control. This six sigma training is beneficial and focused upon the customers, foster employees motivation, Assure strategic planning within the management and many more aspects come under the six sigma training. We aimed to [provide strong advantages to our clients by providing them trustworthy six sigma training certification. In addition, we are the eminent service provider for six sigma consulting in India.

What is Six Sigma?

Six Sigma is a toolkit of methods to reduce waste in business processes. The Six Sigma methodology is a proven concept and has saved clients millions of dollars without capital investment. Six Sigma is a philosophy of doing business with a focus on eliminating defects through fundamental process knowledge. Do you need to:

  • Reduce costs by 50% or more?

  • Reduce waste?

  • Promote a better understanding of customer requirements?

  • Improve delivery and quality performance?

  • Provide critical process inputs needed to respond to changing customer requirements?

  • Develop robust products and processes?

  • Six Sigma Defined

    Six Sigma is a statistical term that equates to 3.4 defects per one million opportunities. Unfortunately, many organizations today operate at around three sigma, which translates into roughly 67,000 defects per million opportunities.