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Being one of the superior service providers we also provide customized solutions for consulting &certification in India for FAMI QS Certification. FAMI QS is basically a European code of practice for Animal Feed Additive and Pre-mixture Operators (codes). This code is implemented to ensure the safety of feed additives and pre-mixtures. Moreover this code also applies to import of feed additive and pre-mixture operators from third world countries. This code basically made to ensure the hygiene feed additives and pre-mixtures. So we at, ISO Certification Company is committed to provide value based consultant and services &solutions to the utmost satisfaction of our clients. In the addition, we are one of the pioneers FAMI QS Certification Consultants in India.

FAMI-QS, applicable to feed premixes and production of additives, was developed to guarantee the safe impact of the feed on the final food products (Feed for Food).

Animal feeds form a major link in the animal production chain. Consumers of meat, milk, and eggs expect the industry and the retail trade to supply safe, high-quality products.

What is the FAMI-QS standard?

The European Regulation on Feed Hygiene (183/2005) sets up hygiene and safety requirements for the whole feed chain, including feed additives and premixtures.

This regulation:
  • Integrates the manufacturing and distribution of feed additives, premixtures, and complete feeds in a global food chain.
  • Integrates HACCP (Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points) principles.
  • Promotes the establishment of codes of practice in the feed chain.